About Trust

     Mother Terasa Educational and Charitable Trust was established in 1999 by Thiru R.Chinnathambi, Chairperson of Annavasal union in 1986, renowned philanthropist and humanitarian, with the noble mission to promote quality education in this rural area. This trust, named after the great humanitarian Mother Terasa, stands for upholding her values. Quality education was a dream for the students in the vicinity. The trust promotes quality education and technical education to the poor students in this district.

     The managing trustee Mr.R.C.UthayaKumar B.A, young, dynamic and highly motivated to promote quality education for the rural student community, is managing all the educational institutions run by the trust successfully. This trust owns 100 acres of land for promoting education.

Founder Message

     Shri.R.Chinnathambi., the Founder of Mother Terasa Educational & Charitable Trust is well known for his contributions in the field of education. He is the father of our beloved Chairman. He was also the Chairman of Annavasal Union in 1986 . He extends his guidance in each and every way in establishing the infrastructure, construction of building and guiding the staff of all the Institutions and also he is a personality of social worker by associating himself as a Vision to promote quality education in this rural area.

He is a Philanthropist and also a great Humanitarian.

Chairman Message

     Rome was not built in a day. So are the accomplishments of every achievement. One small step leads to great expedition. Mr.R.C.Uthayakumar B.A ., a great philanthropist and an entrepreneur.His main thirst was to give value- based education to the downtrodden people. So the trust aimed to propose the multi professional research-led institution, which will be internationally recognized leader in professional and career-oriented education, a-unique intersection between theory and practice, passion and reason. So they started the Polytechnic College, Teacher Training Institute, and College of Education and all the institutions produce 100% result.

     This thought provoked him to start Mother Terasa College of Engineeriing and Technology which will be another diamond in the crown of the Mother Terasa Educational and Charitable Trust. His vision is to educate the next generation of engineering and technological professionals on a rigorous, applied treatment by integrating teaching and research to create and manage the technology-based enterprises that will provide future economic growth and professional growth.

Our Chairman was Young, Dynamic and Highly motivated to promote Quality Eduaction for the rural People.

He was also a Member in Rotary Club.

Mother Terasa Group of Educational Institutions

Mother Terasa Polytechnic College Mother Terasa Teacher Training Institute
Mother Terasa Arts and Science College Mother Terasa Catering College
Mother Terasa College of Education [ B.Ed , M.Ed ] Mother Terasa Matricuation School